Growing Upwards is a searchable directory of childcare, camps, and classes across the Portland Metro Area. We include the following types of providers on this website:


  • Daycare: a center or home-based environment for young children to play, socialize, and learn often while a parent or guardian is unable to provide care due to work or other obligations.
  • Preschool (preK): an early child learning environment for kids to play, socialize, and become familiar with academic concepts, such as pre-literacy, pre-math, and problem solving.


  • Summer camps and other day-, weekend-, or week-long structured activities throughout the year across a wide range of subjects.


  • One-time and recurring classes and lessons including sports, arts, music, and other learning-based activities.

FAQ for Families

No, we do not. This website is a resource to help people explore different childcare, camps, and class options across the city. If you find a provider that looks appealing, please do your own due-diligence before enrolling your child–including family references, the Better Business Bureau, and various State resources.

QRIS is a systemic approach to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in early and school-age care and education programs. Similar to rating systems for restaurants and hotels, QRIS award quality ratings to early and school-age care and education programs that meet a set of defined program standards. By participating in their State’s QRIS, early and school-age care providers embark on a path of continuous quality improvement. Even providers that have met the standards of the lowest QRIS levels have achieved a level of quality that is beyond the minimum requirements to operate. Learn more about QRIS.



  • Can children see themselves in the environment, ie. children’s artwork displayed, images of children on the walls?
  • Is the environment neat and tidy?
  • Are art materials and toys kept where children can access them without adult assistance?
  • Is there natural light in the classroom?
  • Do the toys and materials appear to have open-ended uses?
  • Are snacks and meals something you’d feed your child at home?
  • What would the environment look like through my child’s eyes? (Don’t be afraid to sit on the floor to get the full perspective!)
  • How often is the bathroom cleaned?
  • How often are the rugs vacuumed?
  • Do you notice any prevailing smells, pleasant or otherwise?
  • Are there signs telling staff what they may and may not do, signaling distrust?

Teachers and Children

  • Are teachers attentive to the children?
  • Do children/staff appear joyful?
  • What is the school/center’s professional development budget?
  • How are teachers expected to gain new skills and hone their craft?
  • Do teachers use a respectful, loving tone when speaking with children?
  • Do teachers receive paid sick leave? (Facilities that don’t provide sick leave have a have a greater risk of ill teachers working with children.)
  • Ask about the staff retention rate. Is it within your expectations?
  • Are children playing by themselves or in groups?
  • Are academics handled in a developmentally appropriate way?

Other Questions

  • Does the school have a guiding philosophy?
  • What is the policy if your child is ill?
  • What accommodations are made for children with special needs/learning differences?
  • Ask about discipline policies. Do they mesh with your parenting style?
  • Are children in all stages of toilet changing welcome?
  • What is my role as a parent?
  • How is parent/teacher communication handled?
  • What should I be packing for my child each day?

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FAQ for Providers

At this time, we only allow licensed child care centers and in-home providers.

Are you already listed on Growing Upwards? Great! Now check your provider listing to ensure everything is accurate and up-to-date. If it’s not, please consider claiming your listing, which will allow you to make updates whenever you desire. To do so, simply click the ‘Claim Listing’ button on the main banner image of your organization’s provider page.

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