Growing Upwards is a unique community that brings together childcare, camp, and class SEEKERS (families, parents, guardians) and PROVIDERS (daycares preschools, camps, and classes) across the Portland Metro Area. We reach thousands of families and providers each month through impressions on our website, social media channels, and email outreach.

Featured Listing Boost – $30/month

Give your business a massive head start by boosting visibility with a featured listing. Featured listings are just like basic listings – just way more visible. Featured listings will appear at the top of all relevant searches and be marked with a featured badge, guaranteeing your business is seen by parents looking for what you are offering. You will also have exclusive, premium placement on the relevant Childcare, Camps, or Classes landing page under the Featured Listings section. Priced at just $1 a day, a featured listing is a really great deal.

Featured Listing Boost

Sidebar Display Ad – $75/month

350 x 350 pixels
This square ad lives on the sidebar of all listings, ensuring it will be seen over and over again. There are just 3 of these ads offered each month in a rotating space, so your business is guaranteed to have increased visibility with little competition. You will need to provide the ad graphic which you can submit during the checkout process to be approved by Growing Upwards.

Display Ad – Sidebar

Home Page Display Ad – Full-Width $500/month

1140 x 300 pixels
This premier advertising opportunity will allow you to showcase your business across the entire full-width space on our home page. With just one of these ads available each month it is a sure-fire way for your business to be seen by everyone who visits Growing Upwards. You will need to provide the ad graphic which you can submit during the checkout process to be approved by Growing Upwards

Display Ad – Home Full

Home Page Display Ad – Half-Width $250/month

530 x 300 pixels
For those businesses who want top placement without spending a lot of money, these half-width spaces on the home page are an excellent way to put your business front and center. There are just 2 of these available each month, so if you want to be seen by everyone who visits Growing Upwards this top value ad is the way to go. You will need to provide the ad graphic which you can submit during the checkout process to be approved by Growing Upwards.

Display Ad – Home Half

Social Media Shout Out – $35

Promote your business, re-opening, current openings, or special offer on our Facebook page. There’s no doubt about it, Facebook advertising has the power to take your business to the next level. By partnering with Growing Upwards and Facebook combined, you’ll be able to reach even more families looking for just what you are offering. You can also choose to add an additional $ to boost the post.

Social Media Shout Out

Monthly Sponsorship – $300

For businesses looking to increase awareness and reach more families in a more personal way, we offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities. This monthly sponsorship package includes a month-long premium half-width ad placement on our home page, a shout out via social media, and a featured short-story in our monthly email newsletter. This sponsorship will allow you to draw attention to your business in multiple ways as well as get a personal message across to families.

Monthly Sponsorship

Newsletter Shout Out – $35

This is a great way to effectively reach your target audience of parents who are already interested in what your business has to offer because they are already on our email list. We’ll share a photo, a brief description of your business, and a link to your website.

Newsletter Shout Out

Sponsored Blog – $50

Meaningful content is the best way to reach more families. Contribute to our blog with your post and it will live on our site and be shared on our Facebook page and in our monthly newsletter. We’ll include up to 3 photos of your business in action as well as a website link to your business. We are resurrecting our blog after a long hiatus, so don’t miss out on this crazy good pricing only available for a limited time.

Sponsored Blog

>> Have other ideas? If you have something in mind, we’re open to entertaining creative partnerships or co-marketing opportunities that are win-wins for our audience and business. For more information on availability, pricing, and other marketing inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]