There’s a storm brewing in SE Portland and its effects are being felt all over the state. At the eye is The Children’s Institute, a fantastic organization whose goal is advocate for research-backed, child-centered policies that will overhaul the early education landscape in Oregon.

You know we want to create a community resource so every family has equal access to finding high-quality early education. You’ve often read how Growing Upwards supports early childhood funding and that every public dollar spent on education returns itself 7 times. And, hopefully, you’ve contacted your elected officials to advocate for early education funding.

Now we are asking you to visit The Children’s Institute webpage and see how you can join the fight for for every child to reach his or her full potential.  Check out their Summer Reading initiative.  Check out their Early Works project.  Try not to be inspired.

Here’s a short section on from their Preschool Promise Briefing. I read it and wanted to have it tatted all over my body so it’s always in my field of vision.

Every child in Oregon deserves an opportunity to succeed, and Oregon’s investment in Preschool Promise is a first step to expand access to high-quality preschool. Serving 1,300 low-income children is a strong start, but we can and must do more to meet the growing demand. The early learning hubs that applied for Preschool Promise are ready to serve more than 2,100 children. Research has irrefutably proved what parents and educators have been saying for years—early childhood experiences are foundational for later school success.

Preschool Promise is a smart economic investment because early learning reduces future costs for special education and remediation. In fact, by making greater investments in early learning, Oregon can increase the impact of the significant dollars spent on K-12 education. In an increasingly competitive and global economy, our civic institutions and workplaces need the full participation of all Oregonians. Public investments in early learning give low-income children the chance to succeed and become thriving, successful adults.

Preschool Promise is the right thing for Oregon. And it’s right for our children, who deserve the best possible start in life.



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