While an educator, parents were constantly asking me tips, tricks, and ideas for their child’s literacy development.  I always asked one question in response:

“How often does your child see you reading for pleasure?  Not reading from a screen, but reading from a print medium like you or I ask her to do?”

With so many screens occupying our time today, I’ve often wondered if children view reading books as childish, something only children do.

No child will read unless he wants to read.  There needs to be a reason for deciphering those letters on the page.  Why not let those reasons be joy and appreciation?  Your child loves you and, if not obviously, inherently, takes an interest in what you are doing.  Saying things like, “I can’t wait to read my book when I get home” or taking trips to the library and picking a book out for yourself will go a long way in showing children that reading, fundamentally, is fun.

Check out this NYTimes article: The Merits of Reading Real Books To Your Children for some of the science and benefits in those quiet moments when it’s just you, your child, and book.

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